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Our Partners

Achieving more together

We are a reliable and expert partner when it comes to the joint development of carbon-neutral energy provision – tailored to your needs – from power plants.

Thanks to the expertise that we have built up over the years, combined with our passion, you can rest assured that we always offer you the right energy solution for your needs. 

Our mission is to provide you with reliable, long-term support.

Our Partners

vento ludens GmbH & Co. KG
GreenCity AG
Stadtwerke Dinslaken
Hamburg Energie
We firmly believe that coal and nuclear power have had their day. We are therefore not satisfied with just supplying green power to our customers; instead, it is our mission to generate our power ourselves – here in Hamburg and the surrounding communities.

Anyone who chooses the eco-friendly electricity supply of HAMBURG ENERGIE is also promoting the expansion of renewable energies in the local area. Day in, day out, we prove that it is still possible to generate green energy in a big city like Hamburg. This clear commitment to the regional climate and to environmental protection is even enshrined in our articles of association – so that Hamburg remains the most beautiful city in the world.
vento ludens GmbH & Co. KG
vento ludens GmbH & Co. KG has been operating in the field of renewable energies ever since 1996. It develops, builds, and operates wind, photovoltaic, and hydroelectric plants across Europe, with a focus on projects in Germany, Switzerland, and the UK. In addition to the firm’s headquarters in the Bavarian town of Jettingen-Scheppach, there are further offices in northern Germany, the UK, and Switzerland.

vento ludens GmbH & Co. KG is part of an owner-led group of companies with more than 750 employees. The group’s spectrum of operations ranges from the board game industry and logistics through to cutting-edge printing technology.
GreenCity AG

Green City AG sees itself as a trailblazer for the transformation of energy and transportation; with its key focus areas of energy, mobility, and urban planning, it covers a clearly defined spectrum of services.
The goal of the Munich-based company: 100% renewable energy.

By focusing on its five business units – Renewables, Power, Finance, Drive, and Experience – Green City AG is boosting the supply of green power through new power plants and, at the same time, is building the structures required for cross-sector adoption of green power. What’s more, the planning of power plants is a core area of business. Combining experience and passion, the Munich-based firm is an all-around provider and a reliable partner in all phases of the project. Green City has already completed some 360 solar, wind, and hydroelectric plants in Europe and – with its renewable energy facilities – supplied roughly 111,000 households with green power in 2019. The company has already successfully partnered with Koehler Renewable Energy GmbH on numerous projects since 2017.

Stadtwerke Dinslaken
Stadtwerke Dinslaken
With more than 20 subsidiaries and affiliates, the Stadtwerke Dinslaken Group is one of the largest regional energy specialists in Germany. Whether for private households or municipal, commercial, or industrial customers, Stadtwerke Dinslaken is a reliable partner with experience in the use of renewable energy and eco-friendly technologies.

Security of supply goes hand in hand with resource conservation and improved efficiency. Reliable, sustainable, and efficient – guided by these principles, the Stadtwerke Dinslaken Group has established itself as a regional energy provider with a history spanning more than 115 years.

In September 2020, Stadtwerke Dinslaken and Koehler Renewable Energy GmbH set up a joint venture – Biowärme Dinslaken GmbH – for the purpose of building and operating biomass plants. The planned facilities will be built and operated in accordance with the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG 2017).

Are you looking to play an active role in climate protection or do you need steam for your production processes?

We are striving for continued growth in renewable energies in the years ahead. In tandem with various partners, our experienced team has already completed projects worth several hundred million euros over the past few years, with these projects generating more than 225,000 MWh of power, over 21,000 MWh of heat, and over 150,000 metric tons of steam every year (as of December 2018).

Do you have ideas and visions about how you want to generate power and heat from renewable sources or are you willing to provide land to enable the construction of renewable energy projects?

The team at Koehler Renewable Energy is a reliable partner – and will support you all the way from the initial idea to the very last kilowatt-hour and beyond. Our aim is not to make a quick profit, but rather to work with you in the sustainable operation of eco-friendly plants – for everyone’s benefit.


Are you interested in the Koehler Renewable Energy, our investments, or do you have questions about renewable energies at Koehler? If so, simply submit your inquiry using the contact form. We look forward to reading your message.


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