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Energy generation has always played a crucial role at Koehler. Building on the energy expertise that we have accumulated as a paper manufacturer, we now harness our considerable knowledge for the Koehler Renewable Energy. 

Here, you can find out more about how we gained our expertise in the field of energy generation and renewable energies.


first paper machine


Construction of the first paper machine, powered by a waterwheel.

A further waterwheel powers four Hollander beaters. The first boiler with a factory chimney is built. Steam is needed for the drying cylinder.

1873 – 1875

Purchase of the bark mill, the hydroelectric power plant in Hubacker, and Lauterbach Mill.

All waterwheels are gradually replaced by turbines. An approx. 40-meter-high drop in the river Rench is used.




Construction of the power plant in Oberkirch.

A coal-fired power plant – which operates on the circulating fluidized bed principle and, thanks its CHP technology, reaches efficiency levels of up to 89 % – is built in Oberkirch.

Power plant Oberkirch


Biomass plant  Kehl


Commissioning of the biomass cogeneration plant in Kehl, in which Koehler holds an initial stake of 25 %. 

The biomass cogeneration plant achieves a saving of approx. 82,000 metric tons of CO₂ per annum.


biomass cogeneration plant II of B E B Bioenergie Baden GmbH goes into operation in Kehl.

The commissioning of biomass cogeneration plant II leads to a further annual saving of approx. 32,000 metric tons of CO₂.

Biomass plant II in Kehl
Koehler Energy Group


The Koehler Group establishes Koehler Renewable Energy GmbH.

Based on its own in-house energy supply, the Koehler Group has developed a business model for others. Within a short space of time, Koehler Renewable Energy grows the production of power and process steam, etc. into a significant line of business.


  • Acquisition of the remaining shares in B E B Bio Energie Baden GmbH in Kehl (sole shareholder).
  • Operator of, and majority shareholder in, GBE – Gocher Bioenergie GmbH, which saves approx. 35,000 metric tons of CO₂ per annum.
  • Shareholder in BEBC – Bioenergie Brunsbüttel Contracting GmbH & Co KG. This biomass cogeneration plant leads to an annual saving of approx. 35,000 metric tons of CO₂.
  • Sealing of a partnership with vento ludens for the development of joint wind, hydroelectric, and photovoltaic projects in the UK and Ireland.
GBE - Gocher Bioenergie GmbH
Certification ISO 50001
 EBE – Elsflether Bioenergie GmbH
vento ludens


  • DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 certification achieved for the first time at the biomass cogeneration plants of B E B and GBE.
  • Takeover of the biomass cogeneration plant WBE – Wiesmoorer Bioenergie GmbH, which achieves an annual CO₂ saving of approx. 17,000 metric tons.
  • A further biomass cogeneration plant goes into operation in Elsfleth. KRE is the operator of, and majority shareholder in, EBE - Elsflether Bioenergie GmbH, which results in an annual saving of approx. 35,000 metric tons of CO₂.
  • Investment in vento ludens Ltd. for the joint development of projects in the UK.

July 2016

Construction of a wind farm in Edintore (Scotland) in tandem with vento ludens Ltd.

Six wind turbines are erected under the banner of Edintore Windfarm Ltd.

wind farm in Edintore (Scotland)
Cornerstone ceremony DBE – Dollbergen Bioenergie GmbH


Cornerstone ceremony for a further biomass cogeneration plant

The biomass cogeneration plant in Dollbergen, which was planned on the basis of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG 2017), costs €40 million and generates approx. 67,860 megawatt-hours of power.


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